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Influence of CALSPORIN® on commercial leghorns.

S.S. Sohail, M.M.Bryant, R. A. Voitle, and D.A. Roland, Sr.
Department of Poultry Science and Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station,
Auburn University, Alabama 36849


A study was conducted to determine if CALSPORINN® (Bacillus subtilisC-3102), a direct-fed microbial (probiotic), improved performance of commercial Leghorns and eggshell quality. Hyline W36 hens (n=1,440; age = 65 wk) in 90 groups (16 hens/group) were randomly allocated to three dietary protein levels (17.3, 16.1, and 15.0%), and three CALSPORINN® levels (0.0, 0.003 and 0.006%) in a 3 x 3 factorial for 10 wk. A CALSPORINN® x protein × interaction was observed on egg specific gravity (SG; P<0.01). Egg SG increased more in hens fed the higher CALSPORIN® level than in hens fed the lower level when dietary protein was 15%. This CALSPORINN® level effect was reversed as dietary protein was increased to 16.1%. Trends similar to that of SG were also observed on eggshell thickness. Increasing dietary protein had a beneficial effect (P< 0.001) on egg production, feed consumption and egg weight. Addition of CALSPORINN® to hen diets had no significant influence on feed consumption, egg production, egg weight, or body weight of hens. More research is required to optimize any potential benefits of CALSPORINN® with respect to dietary proteins on eggshell quality.

Key Words: CALSPORIN®, eggshell quality, Leghorns, probiotic
2002 J. Appl, Poult. Res. 11:379-387