2. FAQs

CALSPORIN® natural and alive, for living things.


  1. Can CALSPORIN® be used with other feed additives such as antibiotics and coccidiostats?
    CALSPORIN® is compatible with various kinds of feed materials and additives. The compatibility has been demonstrated in in vivo studies.
  2. Can CALSPORIN® be used in pellet feeds?
    Spores contained in CALSPORIN® are resistant to usual pelletting conditions. Under usual pelleting conditions, more than 70% of the spores can be recovered.
  3. Can CALSPORIN® be fed through drinking water?
    CALSPORIN® is not water soluble. The administration through drinking water is not recommended.
  4. What is the recommended dose of CALSPORIN®?
    The recommended doses are ranging from 20 grams per ton of feed to 1kg per ton of feed.
  5. What is a probiotic?
    A probiotic is defined as a live microbial feed supplement which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance.